Friday, April 8, 2011

Frag Swap

This weekend is the Manhattan Reefs annual Frag Swap event at Pratt. There are about six-teen vendors who sell hundreds of corals and fish to the three-hundred people who will be there. I help sign everybody in at the front desk; which means I check off their name, and give them their name-tag. Last year, Turan, (the CEO's wife) said that I did such a good job, that she wouldn't work with anyone else! After everyone is checked in, I help various vendors run their booths, and help their customers. Such as Saltwater Critters, Diamonds of the Reef, and Cherry Corals. I also try not to bug my dad too much because he is the host of the event and is always super busy running around like a maniac. I also pull the tickets for the raffle and make a lot of people happy. The really cool part of last years event was that one of the vendors had a Slush Puppy Machine. A Slush Puppy Machine is basically a Snow Cone Machine but more like a drink. Roomer has it that there are four new flavors this year! It's going to be really fun!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chocolate Sales #2

Remember in one of my previous posts where I said that I am hoping to sell 5 boxes of chocolate (250 bars)? Well, I met that goal. I sold 5 boxes of chocolate, with a little over a week to spare. My new goal is to sell 2 more boxes of chocolate. I hope I can make it!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sick Day

Today, I am sick with what appears to be a cold. The symptoms are really bad cough and runny nose. It is not fun. I have to stay home today, and we will call my doctor to see what he recomends. (While writing this post, I sneezed on the screen of the iPad, don't tel my Dad)! Being sick isn't fun, so I hope it goes away.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chocolate Sales

A week or 2 ago, I sold a whole box of fundraising chocolate (50 bars per box) to various Pratt Faculty Workers and students in 2 days. Each individual chocolate bar is $1.00, that means I sold $50.00 of chocolate. Yesterday, I received a 2nd box of chocolate and sold it all in 1 day...1 DAY!!! That's another 50 chocolate bars, and another $50.00. So in total, I have sold $100.00 dollars worth of chocolates. I'm doing pretty well if you ask me. They are still handing out the boxes until March 30th, so I have plenty of time. If I sell at the same rate, I estimate that I will make another $250.00, 5 boxes. I think I can sell 5 boxes of chocolate in 27 days. Lets just hope for the best!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Good-Bye Vermont, Hello New York!

Yesterday, I left Smuggler's Notch with Magda, Carlos, and Gabby after 2 last runs on the upper mountains, (Madonna and Sterling). We went on the same trails on Madonna, ("Upper Chilcoot," "Lower Chilcoot," "Father Bob's," and "Link") and "Upper Rumrunner" and "Crossover" on Sterling. It was very cold, though. For the first time ever, my legs actually felt the wind. That means the wind went through my ski pants, Long Johns and my silk layer, but my feet and hands were fine; the complete opposite of the other days. Anyway, we packed the car and left Smugg's at 2:00, the latest we've ever left! Surprisingly, we arrived the earliest in Brooklyn, 8:30. The day was all miss-matched. In the car, to pass time, Gabby and I edited some REALLY funny videos on iMovie, all part of a series called Big Face Girl or BFG. We made the videos in Photo Booth, so we could distort our faces. (We put the distortion on "Stretch" so that might clear up why "Big Face Girl" is called "BIG Face Girl"). It is full of Gabby pushing my head out of the screen and both of us looking like complete idiots. We also made a commercial about BFG, full of various parts of various clips, that to us, are the funniest. So now I am in Brooklyn, regular old Brooklyn, but that is okay.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mid-Winter Vacation #6 (cont.) 2

Whenever I ski in ski school, I always wear a GPS. I have found a link that can show you where I went, how fast I went, and my total distance for the day. Here is a picture from the link of my travels:

The green is 1-7 miles per hour, and the yellow is 8-14 miles per hour

Mid-Winter Vacation #6 (cont.)

I just returned from the zip-line at Smuggler's Notch and I had a BLAST!!! It was not scary at all and you saw all kinds of trees and the actual Smuggler's Notch mountains. There were 8 or 9 (I wasn't counting, but something around that) individual lines, which might not seem like much, but in total, the length of all the lines together, is 4500 feet!!! That's a lot of metal lines. The even cooler part of it is that the people who run the zip-lines, created the course. So they cut down the trees to make the platforms and clear the path, and they are the ones who ran the metal cables throughout the woods. Since I was a kid and only weighed 63-64 pounds, I sometimes got stuck in the middle of the cord so I had to pull myself in by using my hands against the rope until I got to the platform. It took a lot out my arms and legs. There was also a ton of gear to put on such as: chest harness, leg harness, helmet, attachment clips, and more. On the last run, I was told by our instructor, Jay, that it gets steep at the end, so I decided to go with Jay. We went much faster, not that he is heavy or anything like that. (There is no way I would have made it up without the extra weight; I would have been dangling there franticly and it would have taken me hours to get to the top...HOURS!!!).
Today was pretty much the best day EVER!!!